Friday, July 9, 2010


things have happened.

but life does go on.

i've been working on some things to keep busy.

here's a sneak peek:

stay tuned...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


life's like that sometimes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

sunday summarie v18

a quick list of 5 things to summarize this weeks
inspirations/ findings &

1. crepes
sweet or savory, i can never decide.
all i know is that i LOVE crepes!

i tasted the BEST crepes saturday morning...
i got em from the farmers market (i forgot to take note of the vendor though. sorry!)
and took them home to share with my sister.

i kept Mmm Mmm-ing aloud!

fresh ingredients and i was able to watch it being made...
i would've taken a photo of the sweet one (nutella and hersheys chocolate!)...
but by that time i was just all into the crepe, nevermind photography!

2. plants
i adore flowers

but never in my life have i enjoyed planting.
i used to dread when my mom would call my sister and i out to the garden to weed or water,
i just wasn't into the bugs and spiders and, well, labor.

call me lazy. i was.
(still kinda am)

but something changed.

about a week ago i got the idea to finally use the front 'flowerbox'
(up until then it was basically dirt and the litterbox for the neighbors cat )

i was set on 'beautify-ing' our little house,
eventhough (and especially because) our neighbors disregard their own lawns and whatnot
(i figure, set an example. if our house looks tidy and beautiful,
hopefully they won't throw their trash, cigarette butts, fast food bags and cap gun caps all around)
who knows?

either way, with the help of my good friend carolyn, we planted a pretty little stretch of garden.

i included plants like marigold, geranium and lavender,
and when the breeze picks up, the smell is just wonderful... :)

and i actually enjoyed myself this time,
shoveling, plating, watering- the whole nine!

updates to come.

3. the downtown la artwalk
i didn't take in too much art
(i was actually there to hear a discussion/forum)
but i did enjoy the ambiance of downtown in the evening.

i have a hard time viewing/appreciating art when there is a huge mob/crowd,
and i think the artwalk is now mostly for people-watching...
the food trucks were there, people break dancing on the streets,
and various processions going on...
i believe this was nick cave's sound suits on the go (i'm not 100 % sure tho)

there were bands playing in historic buildings
and planned parenthood giving out condoms and whatnot...
it's easy to get overwhelmed there! of my favorite parts of the night was going to lost souls cafe
and seeing how much it and the art scene has grown and expanded.

this will always be my favorite alley-view:

we'll see what happens next month!

4. aloha expo 2010
hawaiian shaved ice + hula dancers + sunshine + friends = :)

every year i look forward to this festival...
there's so much beauty...
in the people, the flowers, the cuisine!

the hot guys!!!


5. painting again
not anything big, just a lil something something.
paint on canvas = therapeutic

Sunday, May 9, 2010

sunday summarie v17

a quick list of 5 things to summarize this weeks
inspirations/ findings &

1. mother's day
happy mother's day to mother earth and all the mothers on it!
here's a photo of my mum (and my little cousin)
hamming it up this morning:

aren't they great?!

we continued to celebrate mother's day by taking mum out to tiny thai restaurant in long beach, ca.

at the end of our delicious meal, we found this fortune:

sweet, huh? :)
...keeping to the lovely theme of the day, we skipped over to miss priss cupcakes
where they had special mother's day cupcakes:

my mom liked it/enjoyed the area so much that she's already asking to come back!

2. roxanna mostatabi's art show: intrinsic
i've been meaning to check out the fullerton art walk for some time now,
so when a friend of mine invited me to an art opening at the tranquil tea lounge,
i happily obliged.
who knew i was in for such a treat?!

my friend, bless her heart, never gave me any prior details about the art show,
so i wasn't sure what to expect....

the artist was a family friend of hers,
who, along with her mother and sister,
i have seen at various family gatherings: weddings, baby showers, birthdays
what a trip!
such talent! and i didn't even know.
i was so impressed with roxanna and her artwork,
that i bought several pieces.
i don't really have extra money to be spending,
but roxanna's work is laced with passion and fervor and life.

her work spans various art genres and media,
all of which are absolutely b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

there is this deeply nourishing quality to her pieces,
organic, but also fierce!

here's the talented roxanna infront of her stunning art:

3. malibu
i've lived in so. cal all my life, but i've never been to malibu.
on tuesday, i finally got to go! :)

the fog rolled in, but still! it was a breathtaking sight
(too bad i forgot my camera, and had to use the cameraphone)

we woke up early early in the morning to get there...
such a magical experience!
thanks lu :)
4. sunday school
did another school year go by already?
jeez! i'm gonna miss the kiddos!

chelsea and one of my student's, noelani, are friends and demanded they get a photo together
(even before playing on the playground):

i hope that one day i'll be a teacher to her little brother... he's sooo cute!

5. coconut!!!
fresh coconut!
i went NUTS!
sososo good!
(i'm an island girl, you know?)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

suday summarie v16

a quick list of 5 things to summarize this weeks
inspirations/ findings & doings:

seonna hong's art makes me smile (her book animus is one of my favorites!)
so when i randomly came up on a piece in Culver City,
i swooned.

the perfect balance of sad/sweet.

several friends of mine had work up in the 'where is God' art show held at Remy's (on Temple) in LA,
so of course, i had to go and support!

given the subject matter, i wasn't sure what to expect in terms of art and ambiance...
i was pleasantly surprised to find the artwork interesting and the scene upbeat.

during the 'gallery' hours of the evening, the dj played cuts like common's 'the light' and tupac's 'changes'

i particularly liked this (snowboard) piece:

some pieces were more thought-provoking:

and the rest of the night included musical performances and various acts (spoken word, etc).

it got crowded!

too bad i wasn't able to stay longer.

3. muzeo
on tuesday i got to check out the muzeo in anaheim for the first time.
they had an exhibit on frogs, which was fun and, in my opinion, very well curated.

i learned a lot
and made a few friends:

my good friend sonia and i went back to the norton simon museum (we're both former employees)
event on friday night.

i was wowed by the information presented
and also by Dr. Sharada Srinvasan's interpretation of the material,
and translation into dance.

too bad i wan't able to photograph any of it
(no photography allowed during the performance)
i did, however, have a chance to snap these:
oh, norton simon memories!

5. carne asada fries
need i say more?


Monday, April 26, 2010

don't sleep on it!

i've got to see the bansky movie

and david choe's 'nothing to declare' exhibit!

hopefully this week?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunday summarie v15

a quick list of 5 things to summarize this weeks
inspirations/ findings & doings:

1. simplicity
i tend to overwhelm easily... but at the same time, i'm inspired by sensory overload!
to make peace with this and have some sort of balance in my life,
i've decided to keep my 'studio' space playful and creative,
and where i sleep... as simple as i can possibly stand it.

here's a peek:
my goal, really, is just to keep fresh flowers in that vase, and not much else
(on the dresser that my sis donated to me)

i'm looking forward to waking up and going to sleep with a clear head/space.

2. hair cut
actually, it's just a trim, but i feel like a different person!
only a inch and a half was lopped off,
but my hair feels lighter and looks much more healthier.

i'm hoping to grow my hair out, so it feels weird going in for a trim!
ah, but it was necessary (to get rid of loose ends)
you are sensing a trend, yes?

i LOVE them! y'all know?!
in 1998 i was at the vans warped tour and was passed an OZO sticker
and decided to stick around for their performance.
i'm an ozohead from way back!!!

they're an LA band, so i've been fortunate to make it to 2 of their record releases...
last tuesday, i was able to make it my 3rd
... and i got the guys to sign my cd and poster and chat a bit!

i was ridiculously happy/nervous so i wasn't on my best photographer game...

but i had such a great time, it didn't matter! :)

ah~ i got to catch them a second time (live!) friday afternoon at city hall,
as the mayor declared april 23, 2010 OZOMATLI DAY!

what was awesome was that not only were they presented with plaques and whatnot,
but kids from various elementary, middle, high school and after -school programs
performed ozomatli songs for the community and for the band!

the finale was a JAM SESSION with the kids and ozomatli,
which was amazing to watch!
here's my photo of ULI (sax) and ASDRU (trumpet) getting down with the kids:

the energy was kick ass!
whats not to love?!

4. LA times festival of books/ fowler museum UCLA
i went kinda sorta on a whim.
the last time i attended the festival of books, i took a bus and got off 3 miles too early,
was all stank cos it was hella hot and i didn't have enough money to buy a cold drink...
and the line was too long to meet maya angelou.
so my experience wasn't exactly pleasant.

but i had an inkling to go this time.

i didn't check who was going to be there, or where the various vendors were set up at...
i just went. straight from co-teaching sunday school. by my lonesome.

i'm a book nerd. how cool am i?
but there were tons of people!
(which is nice! YAY BOOKLOVERS!) real mission was to get the kapwa book from the philippine expressions booth.
luckily, linda was there with one last copy...

as an added bonus, the FOWLER museum was open...
i was so wowed that i bought the book/catalog.
for $50!
but it's toootallly worth it!

this photo doesn't even do the exhibit an ounce of justice:

you've got to go see it LIVE!
it's up till may 20th, and the fowler is free!

5. ending my day/week in long beach
i had a looong sunday...
i went up the 10 and down the 405.
i opted for the ocean to unwind.

ahh~ breezy:

i walked bluff park for a bit.
sat down and wrote a few pages.
looked around for different perspective:

then it got waaay too cold (like, 20 minutes before sunset)
so i picked up and headed out to viento y agua, one of my favorite cafes...
to knock back a toffee mocha treat

and that was my week!